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The lion symbolizes strength, courage, pride, wisdom, authority, and protection.


The Sphinx; protector & guardian, incarnation of royal power. Symbol of strength & intelligence.


The Royal King Set includes (1) 4oz. Beard & Face Wash, (1) 4oz. Beard Conditioner, (1) 4oz. Beard & Hair Butter, (1) 3.4 oz. Face Scrub +Mask, (1) 1oz. Face & Beard Oil & (1) Soap Bar.


Step 1: Exfoliate face & skin under beard with  Royalty Face Scrub + Mask to slough off dead skin and reveal smoother, younger-looking skin. 

Step 2: Cleanse away dead skin and any remaining impurities with Royalty Face & Beard Wash. Leave face & beard moist. There is no need to wash/shampoo beard daily. Wash can be used on face daily (it should not strip the beard).

Step 3: Apply Royalty Beard Conditioner to beard following instructed amounts for appropriate length.

Step 4: For added moisture and beard softening properties, apply a nickel-sized amount (short-medium length) or a quarter-sized amount (longer, fuller beards) of Royalty Beard & Hair Butter into hand and evenly distribute through beard

Step 5: Seal moisture using Royalty Beard & Face Oil. Oil can be applied to face sparingly.

The Royal King Set

  • Due to the nature of this product, there are no returns. Please reach out to us if you have any issues with our products.

  • This product contains a broad spectrum preservative, however it should be kept out of the shower and away from moisture as it will diminish the shelf life. Bottle should remain closed and in a room temperature environment, no excessive heat.

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