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Keep your tress healthy with this blend of 6 oils infused with 20 herbs and essential oils to promote hair growth and strength for longer shinier hair.

For continued infusion, each bottle of oil contains dried calendula flowers which hydrates dry scalps, removes dandruff, and improves the condition of the scalp. Calendula flowers also add shine and calm irritated scalps.


Ingredients: Almond Oil⎮Castor Oil⎮Argan Oil⎮Red Raspberry Seed Oil⎮ Moringa Seed Oil⎮Camellia Seed Oil⎮Proprietary Botanical Herbal Mix Blend⎮Proprietary Essential Oil Blend⎮Proprietary Fragrance Oil Blend



***Qty of 1 is One 4 oz. bottle of oil***

Isis’ TresSanity Hair & Braid Oil

  • Due to the nature of this product, there are no returns. Please reach out to us if you have any issues with our products.


  • Bottle should be kept away from moisture as it will diminish the shelf life. Bottle should remain closed and in a room temperature environment, no excessive heat or sunlight.

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